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We hope You've enjoyed this family website and You'll get back to us soon. If You have any question or remark in connection with this website, please don't hesitate to contact me. I'm at Your disposal on the following email address:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.              Best regards Endre Kemény


Ted Mendelson

Hi, I feel that you left out any information about Kemény Lolo who was the wife of the baron , There is no mention about her at all Thank you

Kemény Endre

Hi! Thank You for Your visite and message. We're pleased that You've visited the Kemeny castle. Thank You for the notes. We are aware of the need and advanteges for everything to be translated in romanian. We just checked the actual written explenations in the castle and must be noted that maybe not all, but most of the explanations are translated in roumanian and english. I hope You visited in the castle the museum of Erdélyi Helikon and Erdélyi Szépmíves Céh. In this part of the castle everything is translated in romanian and english. There are some temporary exhibitions that are based on text and photo and they are not translated. We have guide who speaks roumanian also. At the moment there is a hungarian-romanian teacher and my cousin who are doing the guiding. Of course all the notes in the castle should be translated, and every quide should speak better languages, but for our excuse we can mention that financially our family, the owners (beeing without any state support), has a lot of deficiencys and we consider a big result if we can keep the actual condition of the building. Beside this we are struggling to improve on the actual conditions. Best regards Kemény Endre

Monica Oprina

Hello, my name is Monica Oprina and I am from Romania. Two weeks ago I have visited Kemeny Castle from Brancovenesti, Mures County. This Castle is gorgeous, a piece of architectonic art... even if it isn't refurbished yet. The garden is wonderful, and the park too. I guess you have in plan to renovate it when you'll have the necesary amount. But... there is a but! Even if the castle isn't a museum yet, if you want to have more visitors, you must translate all the explanation notes (the history of the castle, notes about Kemeny family, notes about the sightseeing etc.) into romanian language, too. And in english. In fact, this castle is located on romanian land and the most tourists could be romanians. If you don't have this notes into romanian and english, your castle is dedicated only to hungarian tourists and this is not quite fair, I think. The castle guide doesn't know romanian language quite well, so he wasn't able to answer us to all our questions. In my opinion, you should try to integrate this piece of art in touristic circuit. I can't wait to visit the refurbished Kemeny Castle in 3 or 4 years! Good luck and best regards, Monica from Romania

Julia (Kren) Verigin

I am very excited to find more information on our family heritage. We are decendants of Maria Kemeny. My father, Lajos Kren, (her grandson) emigrated to Canada after the war, and communication with family in Hungary was censored, so very few details have filtered through. I have a silver spoon with the same stag crest on it, which is very old, but knew nothing about where it came from. Please forward any historical information that is available, as we have so far, found very little. Thank you. God Bless.


Thank you for this invaluable link to my family ancestry! Andrea Mansell (great-grand-daughter of Maria Kemeny)