The Erdélyi Szépmíves Céh, abbreviated ESZC, was a literary publishing company in the interwar period. Established in 1924 in Kolozsvár/Cluj – Transylvania, by six writers as a "limited partnership". The founders were Imre Kádár, Károly Kós, Ernő Ligeti, József Nyírő, Árpád Paál and István Zágoni. The financial background was sponsored by Miklós Szántó.  Due to his sponsorship in 1925 was possible to publish the first book of the ESzC series, the novel Hamueső  by Irén Gulácsy
In 1926 on the inaugural meeting of the Erdélyi Helikon, members of the ESZC announced that publishers of their businesses, offer their publishing enterprise to the Erdélyi Helikon.

In reality the ESZC did not became the property of the Erdélyi Helikon writers, but remained an independent publisher partnership, committed to publish the Erdélyi Helikon journal The the supervisory committee and the board of directors were out of the members of the Erdélyi helikon writers group.
The practical management of ESZC was represented by Károly Kós and the editorial director and head of the office was László Kovács.

The ESZC published between 1925 and 1944 in 14 series a total of 166 works, 4 to 10 volumes per year. Most of it (15 works) in 1928 and the least (4 piece) in 1926. Beside the series were also published different publications, calendars.
As justification for the success of the Erdélyi Szépmíves Céh can be considered the survival of the value of all the publications which are considered high relics nowdays on book auctions.