First the idea of the Helikon belonged to Mária Berde at Gernyeszeg/Gorneşti in 1923, who raised the issue of creating in Transylvania a Helikon, similar to the one in Keszthely.

Photo made at the second Erdélyi Helikon meeting at Marosvécs in 1927

Two years later, in 1925, the wiriters from Marosvásárhely/Tg-Mures made a guest performance in Szászrégen/Reghin. In the theater box was sitting Mária Berde, Károly Molter, János Kemény and Mariska Dékániné Máthé, when suddenly the door opens and enters Octavian Goga, minister at that time, who was on an election campaign. Goga sat down in the box, and started a conversation with the writers about the objectives and plans of the so-called Transylvanian literature.
During this conversation, János Kemény, leaning over the shoulders of Goga, asked Mária Berde, whether she would consider him old enough to take in hands the organization of the Erdélyi (Transylvanian) Helikon at his estate and castle at Marosvécs. Berde had some doubts regarding the 23 year old volunteer due to his young age, but she conceald it.

Another year passed until the Erdélyi Helikon was established. This was never a registered organization by the authorities, a so-called legal person. In reality, the meetings where called when János Kemény sent an invitation for the selected writers. The meeting was called for three days in the Marosvécs castle where was the home of the Kemény family. At these meetings gathered writers with different characters and ideology but having the same objects: to reach and help the hungarian minority through the Hungarian literature and cultural life. Minority from Transylvania, who after the Trianon treaty remained ripped of their homeland. 
During these meetings, beside the fact, that the guests were enjoying the hospitality of the Kemény family, back in the castle park, under the shadow of the 300 year old oak trees they were discussing the actual problems, worries concerning Transylvanian literature, social questions and plans and tasks for the future.

In the castle park 1942
From left to right: István Asztalos, László Szabédi, Albert Wass, Karola Bornemissza Elemérné Szilvássy,
Gizella Kemény, Berenice Kemény, Jánosné Kemény

Every year records were made of the details that were discussed at the meetings, which were posted for all the participants. These records give important informations of those days. From 1926 until 1939 every summer was held the Erdélyi Helikon Meetings, to which romanian and german writers were also invited. After the war broke out, only once, in 1942 was organised such a meeting at Marosvécs. In 1940, 1941, 1943 and 1944 in Kolozsvár they met at János Kemény?s house in Museum Street 6. Due to the war, here participated mostly writers who lived in Kolozsvár or in the close region. These last discussions have not survived in typewritten form.
Later, research has been done to locate all records. One of the most important researcher of this topic is Ildikó Marosi, who published most of the events of the Erdélyi Helikon meetings.